Love Veldskoen Vellies? Here Are 6 Fascinating Facts About These Walking Wonders

Take a trip overseas wearing a pair of Veldskoen vellies and you are bound to garner a few stares for your eccentric sense of style. Here in South Africa, however, these chukka boots are so ingrained in our local fashion scene, it is not odd seeing them everywhere from formal events to casual get-togethers. Those who spoil their soles with a pair of Veldskoen vellies quickly find that they are hooked for life, and that is because of how comfortable and effortlessly stylish they are. If you love donning yours often (or have yet to purchase your first pair), then have a look below at some interesting facts about the brand.

  1. The Name is Proudly South African

Our country is home to quite a few lekker” words that offer entertaining satisfaction as they roll off the tongue. Hear the phrases, “braai”, “eish!” or, “gogga”, and you know you have stepped into the diverse rainbow nation of South Africa. Another word indigenous to this colourful country is “vellies”. The term comes from the Afrikaans word, “veldskoen”, which literally translates to “field shoe”. Today, the Veldskoen brand has elevated these iconic chukka boots into the colourfully soled range we have come to know and love.

  1. They Will Become Your Favourite Shoe

Your tootsies will thank you for investing in a pair of Veldskoen vellies. This is because these shoes take about two weeks to break in, and thereafter mould and conform so perfectly to the shape of your feet that it will feel as though you are not wearing any shoes at all. These all-day-everyday shoes become like an extension of your own feet, going wherever you take them without giving you any blisters or uncomfortable swelling. Whether you are enjoying a hiking trail or stepping onto a star-studded red carpet, your versatile boots will not let you down in terms of style and comfort.

  1. Veldskoen Vellies Are Ethically Produced

Here at PD Cycles, we enjoy supporting local businesses – not only does it help the local economy thrive, but it creates jobs too. Veldskoen is a proudly South African brand, and each shoe is handmade in an ethical factory in Kwa-Zulu Natal. In fact, this region is known worldwide for its footwear manufacturing, and the brand itself has a positive relationship with its craftsmen and women.

  1. No, They Are Not Faux Suede

The shoes are not faux suede, which means they come with the benefits (such as comfort and durability) of real leather. Created by sourcing fully tanned bovine leather from local tanneries, the full-grain reversible suede is sustainably and ethically derived from animal by-products in the South African industry.

  1. Yes, Shades Might Differ

Because the shoes are made from real leather (100% African bovine rawhide) and not composite leather, getting a uniform look is impossible. While the leather is cut from one hide, there are still small variances in the shades, hues, and even textures of different shoes. Do not let this put you off, however, as this trait is characteristic of the authenticity and genuineness of Veldskoen vellies.

  1. Caring for Your Shoes Could Not be Easier

Veldskoen vellies are built to withstand the harsh African elements. That means everything from dust to mud stands no chance against your boots. Cleaning them is as simple as using a suede/nubuck cleaning product to get any dirt off. They are also treated in order to be water-repellant using hydrophobic technology – this means you do not need to be scared of putting your best foot forward, come sunshine or rain.

At PD Cycles, you can get your hands on a pair of original vellies by ordering online or popping into our shop for a visit. For more on the shoes, clothing, and accessories we stock, feel free to get in touch with us today.

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