Why the Most Demanding Cyclists Choose the Wahoo KICKR Bike Trainer

If you have crossed the line between being an occasional cyclist and a die-hard fan of all things bike-related, then you are always looking for ways to kick your bicycle fitness and riding technique up a notch. Being stuck indoors or unable to take your bicycle for a spin when you want to, however, means you miss out on valuable training time. For those who feel it is time to get serious about cycling and get as fit as possible (no matter the time or place), the Wahoo KICKR is a great solution.

The Benefits of a Bike Trainer

You might have seen the popular Wahoo KICKR in cycling shops or heard of bike trainers before, but is there any merit to purchasing one for yourself? Well, the best cycling athletes in the world use trainers to warm up before races and big events, and they are essential for professional training during poor weather. But how exactly do they work?

A bicycle trainer is a form of anchoring equipment that props up the rear wheel to allow one to ride in place, while mechanisms provide resistance while pedalling. Unlike a stationary training bike, a bike trainer lets the rider use their own bike in order to train, allowing for optimised exercise. One of the greatest benefits of purchasing your Wahoo KICKR would be that you can enjoy controlled warm-ups and cooldowns while cycling – you can manage your own effort and ensure it is done on even, safe terrain. What is wonderful about such equipment is that there is no need to miss out on any training. Whether you have an important online video conference soon or need to watch the kids, you can quickly make use of your Wahoo KICKR setup instead of getting into full gear and driving too far from home. You’re in control of your time, effort, and the energy you expend, all in the risk-free safety of your own home.

Athletes and even novice cyclists who have been injured can also benefit from a bike trainer. Any rider who has faced injury understands the itch to get back on two wheels but doing this before you are “road ready” is hazardous. Bike trainers are great transition tools that slowly get your fitness back up and aid in faster recovery, and you can take it at your own pace. Online platforms like Zwift and TrainerRoad can also take you on new and exciting routes, or even prepare you for a racecourse. No matter the weather or how busy the traffic on the roads near you, a bike trainer will still allow you to get the maximum amount of training in without ever leaving the lounge.

What Sets the Wahoo KICKR Apart?

If you are looking for that real-ride accuracy, along with responsiveness and power, the Wahoo KICKR is your best bet. With a large flywheel and innovative algorithms, you feel as though you are travelling your favourite routes which allow you to perfect your technique. Free-riding mode and apps like Zwift both allow for an authentic ride experience. Over 2 200 watts of resistance and a stable anchoring means even the most forceful athletes can dish out all they’ve got, and the robust steel construction will remain in place. This bike trainer also comes with some fantastic features, such as an integrated cadence measurement, an 11-speed cassette already installed, a tyre size height adjustment, and carrying handle to ensure easy set-up wherever you are. The best part is that it doesn’t come more silent than the Wahoo KICKR, and all you will hear is the sound of shifting gears and whatever workout playlist you’ve got going.

To find out more about a bike trainer that’s right for you, contact us today with any of your questions.