What Your Local Bicycle Shop Should Be Offering You

South Africa has a thriving cycling community. Cycling events and official races take place often, usually with hundreds of excited participants ready to put that lung capacity to the test and show off their latest accessories. Facebook pages, YouTube videos, and even WhatsApp groups full of avid enthusiasts discussing the best off-road trails and cycling shoes all know one thing – where the best bicycle shop in town is. If you have not yet discovered such a gem, then we are here to let you in on a few trade secrets to finding a store that stocks what you need, when you need it.

A Wide Selection of Models

New to cycling? Perhaps you do not yet know that there is more than one type of bike; there are tons, in fact, and plenty of models from which to choose. It is not all about looks, either. Each kind is designed with its function in mind and investing in the right type will ensure the speed and handling you are seeking. Here at PD Cycles, we stock the following:

  • Balance bikes for kids
  • BMX bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Fat bikes
  • Gravel bikes for off-road riding
  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Stunt bikes

So, whether you are trying to save the environment by pedalling to work each morning, or just want to teach your kids how to ride, our selection more than likely has the right model for you. When choosing a bicycle shop with whom to partner, you want to ensure they offer access to plenty of options when it comes to types and brands, so you can be sure you are making the right choice on your purchase.

A Hub for Cycling Accessories

Does your preferred bicycle shop stock accessories? If not, you are certainly missing out. Spend enough time cycling and you will soon discover the thrill that comes with decking out your model with the latest gadgets, bits, and bobs. Even those who ride only because they want a little exercise or a fun hobby find that it is irresistible fun to customise their bike with all the extra trimmings. There is not even any need to elaborate on the joy of boasting a little at that next race. The availability of accessories such as helmets, water bottles, bottle cages, silicon lights, and new tyres is a must when seeking a new bicycle shop. You also want the option of bike-care products, tools, and parts, which all make caring for and maintaining your bike a breeze.

Clothing for Comfort and Style

As comfortable as cycling clothing is meant to be, there is no reason why it cannot be stylish too. Your chosen bicycle shop should at least stock a few of the basics, such as gloves and helmets. At PD Cycles, we have a range of compression socks, all-round comfy and fun socks, and durable gloves. We also stock a variety of biking shoes and Veldskoen designs for those more aesthetically inclined in the cycling community. We believe in practical comfort, toughness, and trendy products as is reflected in our selection.

Going the Extra Mile

Starting your cycling journey can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with what to expect. The right bicycle shop will offer you tons of expert advice, answer all your questions and recommend solutions to your concerns. They will also offer a few services, going the extra mile for their customers. With us, you can expect both minor and major bicycle services that help to repair and maintain your bike, all at affordable rates. Separate services we also provide include bleeding brakes, setting gears, and washing your bike.


For a bicycle shop that won’t let you down when it comes to quality and service with a smile, be sure to make us your preferred one-stop destination.