What You Didn’t Know About the Silverback Range of Bikes

What You Didn’t Know About the Silverback Brand and Their Range of Bikes


In the past few years, Silverback bikes have been showing face more and more on the professional cycling scene. Since gaining traction and popularity within the international community, the brand has established itself for forward-thinking designs and continual commitment to developing some of the best models on the market. Here at PD Cycles, we are a proud stockist of a range of Silverback bikes and the South African market certainly seems to favour the line not only for its superb quality but accessible price too.


How the Brand Got Started


Founded by Deon Retief in 2004, the main idea driving the company was to develop a product centred on “Best in Class principles”. Their Head Office is still situated in Stuttgart, Germany, and the city is a manufacturing hub. Other brands famous for their world-leading design engineering had their start here too, including Mercedes and Porsche. Silverback bikes are currently available from over 500 retailers worldwide, with stockists across 49 countries. This far-reaching platform engages with the European, South-Pacific, African, and Western unions, and the brand continues to grow each year.


The Driving Philosophy Behind Each Design


Viewing or testing out various Silverback bikes will give you a sense of streamlined technology and the fantastic balance between top quality and affordability. But what you won’t know is how much passion and careful consideration goes into every model. This is one bicycle design company that has won multiple awards by using their proprietary technologies alone, which means they are also able to make their premium bikes available at lower prices. The brand uses what they call the BIC (Best In Class) Metric, which relates to the design of each frame, the end product’s weight, the design aesthetic and finishes, and marvellous specifications all resulting in a cost-friendly range of bikes that do not compromise on performance. 


By using an ARD (Advanced Riding Dynamics) equation, the brand chooses various features such as frames, forks, and wheels carefully. These selected components ensure unparalleled riding performance, and engineering and suspension design software such as SolidWorks and Linkage keep their bicycles at the industry forefront. The company has also invested in a rapid prototyping programme, and purchasing a state-of-the-art 3D printer meant they could construct design components for the purposes of refinement and testing. The design and development process of their bikes is thus sped up and streamlined.


Award-Winning Products and Phenomenal Technology


Proprietary technologies include innovative designs such as BURST, IDS, and ESS have placed the company’s range on par with some of the top bicycle enterprises worldwide. Their IDS Revo is, for example, a suspension platform that combines a stiff chassis with supple suspension travel and a competitive weight to ensure top performance on rough terrain. Their BURST (Branched Unified Rear Suspension Technology) is a system that features a solid rear triangle and kinematics that allow for trail sensitivity and ultra-responsive feedback – rider fatigue is limited due to comfortable handling too.


The Numbers Speak for Themselves


A few quick facts and figures below about the company gives one a better understanding of the remarkable impact Silverback has had on the industry.


  • The brand has three subsidiary offices worldwide.
  • They have eight global design awards and nominations under their belt.
  • They boast an astounding 121 proprietary frames and forks.
  • Silverback owns six suspension technologies, eight trademarks, and nine pioneering concepts.
  • The brand has one UCI World Cup win to their name.


At PD Cycles, we currently stock an extensive range of Silverback bicycles, from electric trail designs to stylish children's’ bicycles. If you are keen on purchasing your own Silverback model or wish to order one from our online store, you can get in touch with us today for more details.