Superb Price Meets Great Performance with Our Scott Road Bikes for Sale

It’s not often that one finds an innovative brand that breaks the mould when it comes to design. Here at PD Cycles, we are continually on the lookout for companies that boast a range of bicycles that feature top performance in speed, responsive agility, and lightweight components. One brand, however, stands unparalleled in the crowd when it comes to these factors, and that is precisely why we stock such a wide variety of Scott road bikes for sale. Known for their distinct feel and pleasing-to-the-eye geometry, Scott has found worldwide renown for their mountain and road bikes in particular, and our line for sale is sure to catch your eye.

How Road Bikes are Different to Other Two-wheelers

If you have never before purchased your own bicycle, you might be wondering how our road bikes are any different to other bicycles for sale. Road bikes make ideal starter bikes for anyone looking to get into cycling, or those just seeking a new hobby and fitness regime. As the name suggests, they are ideal for open roads and streets. Pedalling on the pavement is easy, and these bicycles have been designed to take you where you need to be when it comes to daily commutes or a quick spin around the neighbourhood. Unlike a full-suspension mountain cycle, road bikes are closer to traditional bicycles and have not evolved much in shape or form. New construction materials for frames and components, as well as aerodynamic geometry do mean, however, that the professional models available today are some of the swiftest and lightest the world has ever seen.

What sets the Scott brand apart is that they have several bicycles across various categories, from Junior to Cyclocross, and their range is incredibly affordable too. The brand itself makes it a priority to ensure their road bikes are crafted with the greatest precision in mind, creating more than a bicycle, but an ideal travelling partner.

The Lightweight Range

Experienced riders know that even a few extra grams of weight can slow one down considerably, especially when it comes to challenging uphills and climbs. Shaving a few seconds off your climb is ideal, and the Scott Lightweight range is created for precisely this. Fast acceleration and sprightly climbs mean that your ride is altogether  more enjoyable.

The Aero Range

In the eyes of the brand, there is no such thing as “too aerodynamic” – and we tend to agree. When cycling, the biggest hurdle to achieving optimal speed is drag. Eliminating this resistance while riding, therefore, makes one far quicker, especially when it counts. The Aero range, which includes models such as the Plasma and Foil, has been specially designed to ensure your ride is streamlined and swift.

The Endurance Range

Endurance is not just about durability, but about comfort no matter how many kilometres you travel. The Endurance range is ideal for daily commutes, long Sunday afternoon scenic rides, and anyone looking to train some extra hours. Fans of this range will be happy to know that we at PD Cycles stock the Addict, Speedster, and Metrix models for sale.

The Gravel Range

The Gravel and CX (cyclocross) range is perfect for on-road and off-road cycling, whether that be gravel, woodland trails, or even hard sand. This all-in-one category is best suited to cyclists who love to explore off the beaten path. If you’re considering this range, feel free to ask us about which model for sale would work best for you.

Specialised Women’s Range

Lightweight, durable, and available in an array of stylish designs, Scott road bikes have levelled up with a range specifically for female riders. Featuring optimised touchpoints, the Contessa bicycles boast the same top-quality as every offering from the brand.

For more on Scott road bikes for sale, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.