Silverback Stride – an Affordable and Reliable bike Obsession

Silverback bikes is an international award-winning bicycle design company located in Germany. The company which is always progressive and forward thinking is focused on the advancement of the bicycling innovation according to their founder and owner, Deon Retief.  

The Silverback Stride range is one of the long standing ranges in the Silverback line-up. The bicycle has been constantly improved and changed in order to ensure that it becomes one of the best mountain bicycles in the world. Silverback specializes in all types of bikes and therefore pride themselves in the manufacturing of their special Silverback Mountain Bike ranges.  

The Silverback Stride SX is seen as the flagship of the Stride range and was designed to hold its own against other mountain bikes whilst being affordable. The Stride range is made up of a hydro formed 6061 hardtail alloy frame with internal routing. The steeper seat angle is a new feature of the Silverback Stride range that ensures that the rider has ‘Power over Pedal’ control by ensuring that more muscle groups is used as a result of the geometric design features 

A choice of two different wheel sizes ensures that the Silverback Stride is suitable for younger riders as well as older riders. The lightweight frame of the Silverback Mountain Bikes ensures that the bicycle can be used by daily commuters as well as touring bike packers and adventure enthusiasts. The Silverback Stride range is also equipped with two water bottle mounts and a kickstand mount, all sleekly integrated into the design which is elegant and sporty at the same time 

The Stride range is adorned with SRAM SX Eagle 1x12 speed group set and a 11-50t gear range. The wide gear ratio on these bikes is what makes this bike a good mountain bike as it helps the bike to climb and descend faster. The 12 speed group set also helps with less maintenance and weight and ensures a great owner experience for all Stride fans as it does not require a lot of effort to use or maintain 

Good brakes are essential in mountain bikes as one needs to be able to stop quickly and controlled in any weather conditions and on any terrain. The external brake cable ensures a uncompromising breaking system. The Silverback Stride is equipped with a Tektro MD-M275 hydraulic braking system on 180mm F/160mm R Centre block rotors. This is a great system to ensure efficient braking when needed.  

The Silverback Stride is a great bike for young and old, new riders and seasoned riders wanting to enter into the racing scene, mountain biking challenges or daily commuting. The brand ensures a quality bicycle that does not compromise on quality. The Silverback Stride and other bicycles in the Silverback Mountain Bike range is worth a try, especially if one can be impressed by a good reputation and long-standing legacy.