Silverback Skid 24 – Every Kid’s Dream Bicycle

The Silverback Skid 24 SE Mountain Bike was created with a fun and easy ride in mind to help develop the skills of riders between the ages of 8 and 11. Kids can easily manage their first suspension mountain bike with the Zoom HL565 Suspension Fork with 50mm travel. The Silverback Skid has a lightweight 6061 aluminium frame with a low stand over height which makes this a bike that is easy to control. The 8 speed Shimano drivetrain with Shimano Rapidfire Shifters are smooth which is a good way for kids to learn how to ride a bike with gears. The mechanical disc brakes are a big plus and indicates the quality of the bike as it gives improved control compared to v-brakes. The Silverback Skid Mountain Bike is a children’s bicycle designed for fun and adventures on family outings.  

Hard-wearing, scratch-resistant decals on the lightweight alloy frame, the Silverback Skid 24 is the perfect mountain bike to get your kid riding trails in no time.  

Features included in the Silverback Skid 24 is a Silverback 24" 6061 Aluminium, Low stand over frame, 11/8" Head tube, Zoom HL 565 suspension fork and lightweight 24" alloy single wall rims with steel spokes. 

The  suspension fork of the Silverback Skid 24 as well as the higher volume knobbly tyre and an easy to use 1 x 8 speed drivetrain ensures that this bike can be used on trails, streets and cycling tracks.  

When buying children’s bicycles a couple of things need to be kept in mind. The brand of bicycle needs to be trustworthy and therefore Silverback is the way to go. This brand has been proven to be not only trustworthy but also high quality.  

It is also better to buy a bicycle that is lightweight when it comes to kids because the lighter the bike is, the easier it will be toe manoeuvre.  The Silverback Skid 24 is therefore perfect when keeping this in mind.  

Of course to kids looks are also important. It is therefore important that the look of the bike matches a child’s idea of cool. The Silverback Skid 24 ticks all the boxes when it comes to looking cool while having fun. The average child’s checklist of things they expect from a bicycle also includes freedom, adventure and adrenalin.  The Silverback will ensure that these needs are met and wonderful and happy childhood memories will ensue.