Our E-bikes for Sale Come with Tons of Fantastic Benefits

Two-wheelers have been around for hundreds of years. The 19th century saw some marvellous creations, from the draisine to the penny-farthing. Over the years, however, the concept has remained virtually the same with two wheels rolling along to transport the rider far quicker than walking would. Pedalling, the action that drives the contraption forward does require a little work. However,it takes physical effort and energy to get your two-wheeler going, a fact that makes cycling a preferred high-cardio, low-impact form of exercise. Young and old, bicycles are loved by all. Whether as a serious sport or just a fun way of passing time, anyone can do it to improve fitness, muscle tone, balance,and even mental wellbeing. With the introduction of our range of e-bikes for sale, cycling is more accessible than ever before and comes with plenty of advantages.

What Are E-bikes?

Perhaps you have seen our stylish, snazzy range for sale, or maybe you have just heard all the hype surrounding electric bicycles. Trying one out for yourself, however, is very different. Sometimes known as a “power” or “booster” bike, e-bikes take cycling to a whole new level because they are selectively powered by rechargeable batteries. They can reach a top speed of between 25 to 45 km per hour, which is much nippier than those average road bicycles for sale. The best part is that if you want to burn a few extra calories without any assisted boost up that hill, you can simply turn your motor off and ride it as you would a normal bicycle.

A Smoother Riding Experience

The pedal-assisted riding on e-bikes essentially give riders extra forward-thrust, which just means your pedalling is more effective at getting you further. Depending upon the model for sale and the settings you choose, you can expect a breezy ride with very little resistance, no matter the terrain. This also means you can travel further than ever before without the fatigue (which is fantastic for anyone who bikes to work each day and wants to avoid the sweat). Those who love to cycle, but struggle with muscle fatigue and mobility issues might find our range for sale a far more forgiving option.

A Cheap Mode of Transport

Apart from your initial bicycle purchase, cycling does not cost much. Spending hundreds a month on travel expenses, such as rising petrol prices or unreliable public transportation, can put quite a dent in your pocket. However, travelling too far on a bicycle is not necessarily ideal either. With electric bicycles, you have the option of extended rides without exhausting yourself, all while enjoying scenic views and getting some fresh air.

An Environmentally Friendly Way to Travel

We’ve all heard about the seriousness of climate change and how each human being must play their part to reduce their carbon footprint. A major contributing factor in pollution, however, are petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles. Per kilometre, e-bikes emit far less pollution than cars and motorcycles. Using far less energy than a car means than electric bicycles do not have as much horsepower, but are certainly more environmentally friendly and aid in keeping the air clean.

Stress-free Fitness

Cutting back on commute time and saving the environment are not the only advantages of investing in one of our models for sale. E-bikes are still a wonderful way to get some exercise in. Even with pedal-assist, your legs are still moving and your heart is still pumping, which means that a cardio workout is possible. You also get to decide how challenging or easy you want to make your ride. In this way, you can slowly build up resistance fitness over time.

If you are interested in the benefits of our e-bikes for sale, why not pay us a visit and test one out for yourself?