ON Shoes - One of it's front runner shoes: The Cloud Runners.

On shoes is one of the fastest-growing running shoe brands in the world and one of its front runner shoes is Cloud runners

On shoes have a very impressive cushion tech support and they provide plenty of comfort on paved streets without the weight that usually holds back trainers. The use of the company's proprietary Cloudtec technology on the soles lets the shoe land easily, but push off hard, giving you the most comfortable run possible. 

As with all things, the answer is balance, and the right shoe will offer the right amount of cushion without being too heavy. The best way to judge this is by finding the shoes that are the most comfortable for you. On shoes provide balance and comfort and so much more. On shoes have been tried, tested and reviewed by many runners and found to be some of the best running shoes on the market. The soles technology that has made the Cloud trainers so popular = The CloudTec design, is only active as your feet hit the ground. When you push off, the soles lose the cushion and instead give you a firm platform to gather power. 

The best way to think about On shoes is to visualize the soles as sand when you hit the ground but concrete as you push off. 

This is done by using a cushioning system of hollowed tubes. As the shoe hits the ground the tubes cushion the contact to provide a protected landing. As the foot begins to push off the tubes tighten to give a firmer push. 

This sole-focused approach to shoes takes away a lot of the negatives attached to well-cushioned running shoes. 

Despite being a well-cushioned shoe, the minimal, barefoot feel is provided by On shoes without any pain. 

Many runners have that trusted shoe brand they know does right by their feet, and it can safely be said that On is going to become one of them. 

Since emerging on the shoe market, On has come out with models that prioritize different features for runners. The Cloud X is a lightweight trainer, the Cloudflash is a racing shoe, and the Cloudventure is a waterproof trail runner. No matter what you need, you can grab shoes with these fascinating Cloudtec soles. 

If you're looking for a new pair of running shoes, and want one that specializes in saving your feet the wear of the road while still providing a minimal feel, then give On's Cloud trainers a try.