On Shoes – And Why You Will Never Want to Take Them Off

Take a look at some of the most beautiful watches in the world; they all seem to have one thing in common – they are Swiss-made. So too are some of the most delicious chocolates and cheeses, most versatile and durable knives, and even many of the most innovative technology solutions. There is no doubting it, the Swiss do have a certain flair for top quality and style. Is it any wonder, then, that the Swiss sports brand, On, is designing some of the best running shoes the industry has ever seen?

Soft Landings Without the Extra Weight

Avid runners understand the need for balance when it comes to running shoes. This is because all runners, from athletes to novice joggers, are seeking a comfortable on-road or trail experience. Cushioning here is essential, and without it, your feet will feel as though they are smacking hard into concrete repeatedly (and this is where shin splits and torn ligaments make their grand debut). The trade-off here, however, is that heavy cushioning often adds extra weight to trainers.

This inevitably weighs a runner down, breaking their stride and making them work harder for less performance. On shoes are different in that their ultra-adaptive, rubber Cloud elements work to soften landings against vertical and horizontal forces. The result is pillow-soft landings without feeling as though one is trudging through syrup.

Explosive and High-powered Take-offs

Ideally, you want to feel as though you are landing in soft sand without actually sinking into it – that would only serve to slow you down. On shoes have implemented a system called CloudTec® that exclusively cushions the landing action. Once your foot hits the ground, the Cloud elements firmly “lock”, and the structure of the sole then forms a solid foundation from which to propel oneself. A powerful take-off, coupled with the lightweight feel of the shoe, results in the feeling of flying.

Why the Designs of On Shoes Are So Different

The On brand’s main aim was to revolutionise the experience of running, to keep the enjoyment and thrill of running alive. Because of this objective, their design technology and engineering are rooted in a philosophy as summed up in four steps.

  1. Cushioning, Not Correction, is Key

On shoes take the constant self-correcting mindset out of what should be an effortless run. This is done through CloudTec® cushioning that absorbs the initial force when your foot lands and then makes shifting to the forefoot a natural transition. The shoe’s sole elements then firm up and allow for a powerful launch forward. This selective cushioning means your body is not working overtime to regulate how you run.

  1. Staying True to Your Stride

The On brand emphasises freedom for one’s feet. The goal here was to engineer trainers that did not add any restriction in terms of movement. Various Cloud elements within the soles react to each athlete’s specific running style. By adapting to the unique strike of your foot, you can enjoy the sensation of your own running preference. Thus, when it comes to hitting the road, you are free to just be you.

  1. Momentum, Flexibility, and Balance

On shoes are designed to help you land right on the mid-foot stance, a natural centre of balance under the body. This means that upon landing, proper positioning and efficient energy transfer allow you to take off instantly, without readjustment. No friction and readjustment, therefore, translate to streamlined forward momentum.

  1. Every Phase of the Journey is Accommodated

On strives to help athletes see their running as a sport and not an inherently flawed activity. Weaknesses can be trained away and for every leg of the running journey, the brand has created shoes to match.

For lightweight trainers that will help you meet your running goals in no time, have a look at our available range of On shoes.