Get the Most Out of Your Trail with Our Range of SCOTT Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking has come a long way since the hobby was popularised in the 1970s by American cyclists pushing their limits and just trying to have fun. Today, it is considered one of the most exciting sports globally and requires intense focus, fitness, bike control technique, and daring to scale fearsome terrain. Because it is viewed as a sport more on the extreme side, taking every precaution to ensure safety is essential. Specialised bikes are indeed required and, if possible, investing in something of quality is always recommended. SCOTT mountain bikes certainly make a bold statement in the industry, and here we discuss why.

SCOTT is known worldwide as a sports brand with a specialisation in their state-of-the-art bicycles. In fact, it was this brand who first invented the aerodynamic handlebar in 1989, a vital innovation at that point in history. SCOTT mountain bikes, in particular, are boasted by top-level riders across the globe, and they have won several World and Olympic titles. Their wide range of products means that no matter the mountaineering cycling you enjoy; you can find a bike that works well as an extension of your own body. When it comes to cycling of any kind, the best favour you can do for yourself is to do the right kind of research and buy the best bike for the job.

Cross-Country Range

Cross-country mountain bikes are made with pedalling performance in mind – they are meant for long-range travelling and must be built to endure. Climbing is more important than descending for these designs, however, and builds are often ultra-lightweight (far lighter than other types of mountain bikes). The SCOTT range, including the Spark RC and Scale, have won Olympic medals, World Cups, World Championships, and are favoured by top-tier athletes everywhere.

The Trail Range

When most people talk about mountain bikes, trail bicycles are usually the products to which they are referring. These are well-rounded machines built to do it all – climbing, descending, enhanced traction, and rolling efficiency. Gravity-focused features such as more prominent tyres, brake rotors, and more suspension make for better handling across various types of terrain, making a trail bike the jack of all trades when it comes to mountain biking. The SCOTT range, including the Spark and Genius line, were built for the cyclist who loves to explore where the road leads. Up inclines, down challenging ground, and along long trails made for enjoying the scenery is where, without a doubt, a trail bike belongs.

The Sport Range

The SCOTT sport range boasts the Aspect line, which is a fantastic all-rounder bike for those stepping into the sport for the first time. Whether you are a complete novice, or if you just like taking it easy on those trails, the Aspect range is perfect for your needs. The Aspect line is lightweight and efficient and handles marvellously. Larger tyres to traverse over rocks, roots, and uneven terrain are also a key feature. The best part about this range is how affordable it is, making it the ideal go-to range of SCOTT mountain bikes for entry-level enthusiasts.

Here at PD Cycles, we are proud stockists of the cross-country, trail, and sport range of SCOTT bikes, as well as road cycles, accessories, and clothing. We also stock other top-of-their-class brands and cycles for everyone from beginners to professionals. No matter your budget or cycling needs, we can supply you with the best services, products, and advice in town. And, if you don’t happen to live near us, you can always order your product online, and we will ship it to you.