From BMX Bikes to Mountain Bikes for Sale – We Stock it All

Not everyone is going to have the same kind of cycling needs. From your little one’s first 2-wheeler to your own used in professional races, no two types of bicycles are the same. Investing in the wrong type of bicycle, of course, means you will not get the most out of your cycling experience. Thankfully, we at PD Cycles are here to help you navigate the various types of models and which would work best for your lifestyle or sport. Whether you need an easy-cruising electric bike or wish to look into something more rugged like the mountain bikes for sale at our shop, you can be sure you will find the right model with us:


  • Balance bicycles for children. Tricycles or kids’ bicycles with training wheels often become a safety blanket for children learning to ride and it may take a while to stop relying on the extra assistance. Balance bikes, on the other hand, have no pedals and children comfortable enough on these models usually intuitively learn to balance and coast much faster. We stock an affordable range for both boys and girls.
  • BMX bicycles for children. BMX bicycles, also known as trick cycles, are sometimes confused with mountain bikes. These models, however, are made as single-speed 2-wheelers ideal for racing on dirt tracks for short distances. Durable and robust, we have a selection of BMX products for sale for kids looking to learn how to ride.
  • Electric bicycles. These are certainly some of the most fun to ride! Sometimes called an “e-bike”, an electric bicycle comes with an electric motor that assists the rider, thus propelling the bike forward. This small boost in pedal power is excellent for steep ascents and more challenging ground and people of all ages love them. The e-bikes we have for sale range from very budget-friendly to higher-end, professional designs.
  • Fat bikes. Another model sometimes confused for mountain bikes, fat bicycles are bicycles with larger, “fatter” wheels and tyres. These wheels allow for lower ground pressure, which makes riding on soft terrain like mud or sand much easier. If you often ride through wet, unstable, or soft ground, this model is for you.
  • Gravel bicycles. For those who love adventure and want to take their bike just about anywhere – off-road or on – gravel bicycles are ideal. They are designed to tackle tough terrain and perform just as well on dirt as they do asphalt. This is your go-to model if you plan on exploring a number of various landscapes.
  • Mountain bikes. The mountain bikes we have for sale are possibly one of our most extensive ranges and you can have your pick from various brands, sizes, and styles. These models are known for having all-terrain tyres and suspension systems that allow them to travel smoothly over obstacles and uneven terrain. If you enjoy aggressive mountain trails, be sure to opt for one of the higher-end products offered for sale.
  • Road bicycles. Who doesn’t love the thrill that comes with cruising down a road, breeze on your face? Road models are made for one purpose and one purpose only, aerodynamics and efficiency. Getting from point A to point B on tar and asphalt is best done with such a design.


Our bicycle shop also stocks tons of accessories for sale, from clothing, cleaning, and maintenance products to any tools and parts you may need. We even have a range of kayaks available for those passionate about rafting. Services we provide include repairs, maintenance, bleeding brakes, setting gears, and even a bike wash when it’s needed most. For a better idea of the products we have for sale, feel free to contact us today.