For Mountain Bikes Undaunted by the Challenge, Merida Never Fails

There are various types of cyclists; some riders love to cruise along the open road, others enjoy the explosion of effort required for fast and intense sprints. Then there are the brave few who are never intimidated by tricky mountain trails, and they invest in bikes to match their fearlessness. As with anything that takes practise to perfect, you need the right equipment for the job. A proper bicycle will ensure you navigate every obstacle without expending energy on the wrong manoeuvres. Here at PD Cycles, cycling is our passion, and we know from first-hand experience that a rider needs a bike they can trust. For this reason, we recommend Merida mountain bikes not only because of how wide the range is, but because it is one of the best-quality brands worldwide.

The product of German innovation and world-class engineering, Merida is known for their refined models – though not a priority, their mountain bikes are elegantly designed. Their bicycles are also known for intelligence and resilience, which means as a rider, you will have a far more pleasant time of scaling demanding trails. All of the conceptual planning, testing, and retesting, and knowledge brought into the manufacturing process results in a range of bicycles that any two-wheel enthusiast would enjoy. If it’s a tough-as-nails performance you are after, this is one brand you don’t want to overlook.

The NINETY-SIX: Your Lightweight Speedster

Versatile, lightweight, and built for speed when given the opportunity, the NINETY-SIX models from the Merida range of mountain bikes are top race performers. These designs are full suspension machines and do well on cross-country and marathon trails. The 100 mm of suspension travel means the rear end is active while maintaining a bob-free ride. NINETY-SIX models also come with a single-chain ring, ready dropper seatpost, and optimised suspension.

The ONE-TWENTY RC: For Those Who Want to Win the Trophy

We cannot forget about the race- and award-winning ONE-TWENTY, but the ONE-TWENTY RC kicks this classic design up a few notches. Injected into the DNA of the ONE-TWENTY RC model is a little more “oomph” when it comes to competitive biking. This Merida offering includes comfortable seating and top performance on any trail, and features explosive acceleration when given the chance to show off.

The BIG.NINE: It’s All About Adventure

This model is one of the classic Merida mountain bikes and features a 29er hardtail in either carbon or aluminium. Whether you want a tough machine to get you to the finishing line of that marathon, or a comfortable ride while you take in the scenery and work up a sweat, the BIG.NINE range is one of the most impressive the brand boasts.


The MERIDA Aluminium TIG-welding Technology System (MATTS) is another classic range that gives the brand its sterling reputation. The lightweight aluminium frame, solid spec package, and comfortable geometry of each design are faultless, and what is more impressive is how affordable these mountain bikes are. Perfect as entry bicycles into the hobby, this is a colourful collection for the cyclist who just wants to have a blast.

At PD Cycles, we are home to some of the biggest brands in the world, all known for stunning designs and top quality. If you are seeking a mountain bike that will pair well with your cycling needs and budget, we can help. Plus, if you haven’t got the time to visit our store and shop with us, you can simply order your desired model online. All orders over R1 500 include free shipping and delivery times only take between one to seven working days.

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