First Ascent – Stylish South African outdoor gear

First Ascent is a truly South African specialist outdoor gear and apparel manufacturer that has been locally manufacturing apparel since 1989. They pride themselves on combining technology, quality materials, excellent manufacturing techniques, and performance tested designs to create a unique product that stands out from the rest.

First Ascent has become synonymous with quality outdoor wear in South Africa.

First Ascent’s logo and lizard represent a proudly South African heritage that accompanies the brand. The company’s creators never stop setting goals to improve the brand and make every customer as proud of the fact that they are wearing quality as they are.

The designers of First Ascent gear are outdoor fanatics themselves and therefore design for real people who do real outdoor activities. The brand is versatile enough to be worn by everyday people as well as people who need protection when enjoying the outdoors. The goal of First Ascent’s design is to protect against outdoor conditions whilst also providing comfort. First Ascent has earned a reputation of being experienced and credible when it comes to providing performance tested gear.

Some satisfied clients have compared wearing a First Ascent Touch down jacket to wearing a duvet. The jackets can take a beating with a fairly abrasion resistant outer layer. It has a comfortable roomy fit that allows for freedom of movement without being too baggy. On top of everything it looks good too.

The zipped, fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets are also hailed by many as a wonderful additive to First Ascent clothing. Not only do they keep your hands warm, your keys or cell phone is also perfectly safe when zipped inside these pockets.   The cuffs and hem are adjustable by means of velcro tabs and an elasticated drawstring, for when you really need to keep the wind out and warmth in. The shoulders and elbows are also partially covered by a thin abrasion resistant print to add durability on harder wearing areas.

First Ascent jackets have been credited to stay true to their promise by keeping out rain and wind chill in outdoor conditions.

The First Ascent range truly shines in conditions requiring a warm jacket and is easily washable after a night around a smoky campfire. It also dries quickly which is good when used every day. The lightweight quality of First Ascent makes it easy to travel with as it doesn’t add a lot of weight when hiking or mountain biking. The micro filament insulation makes First Ascent clothing soft, light, and warm. Just a thin layer is enough to trap body heat. The collar and zip of First Ascent jackets go to right under a person’s chin and the hood is large and cosy providing comfort and insulation.

First Ascent is also a brand that does not fade with age and thus looks as good after a couple of years as when you first bought it. A good investment for the long-haul.

The First Ascent range includes a variety of products including arm warmers, leg warmers, long sleeved shirts, shorts sleeved shirts, down jackets, kinetic tops, fleece tops, beanies, backpacks and tights. Classic black is a popular colour but First Ascent is also available in deep garnet, dark charcoal, deep forest, navy, shadow, sapphire, taupe and truffle for the adventurous.

The First Ascent range and reputation ensures a quality and versatile product for all consumers.