Cycling Has Never Been More Exciting with our Range of E-bikes

Bicycles have existed since the early 19th century, and have, for the last 200 years remained conceptually the same. Over time, improvements included stronger and more varied frames, wheels, tyres, and brakes that were all adapted for different terrains. Eventually, chain-driven gear systems were introduced to reduce effort and increase output efficiency. Bicycles have always been characterised for their light weight, ease of use, and centred around the person doing the work. This set them apart from their bulkier engine-driven motorcycle counterparts. However, with the introduction of e-bikes, the gap between the two is being bridged.

What Are E-bikes?

E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are essentially normal bicycles that have an electronic motor built into the drivetrain, which in turn is powered by a battery mounted on the frame. When engaged, the electric motor kicks in to assist as soon as the rider starts to pedal, or without even pedalling at all on some bikes. This simple, yet fantastic, mechanism dramatically reduces the effort required to use the bicycle and adds many new possibilities for all cyclists, young and old.

What makes e-bikes so unique and exciting is that the rider still has the option of whether they want to use the electric motor or not. This means your e-bike can function just like any other bicycle, and when the going gets tough, you have the edge to push and explore the boundaries far more than normal cyclists could muster.

For the Trail

Are you an avid trail cyclist? Do you feel at home on the rocky roads, steep bends, and while chasing that high-speed thrill? There’s an e-bike for you. Mountain bicycles are built with durability in mind and come equipped with the capability to allow navigation through the toughest terrain with hardy hills and steep dives that would normally require a lot from a rider.

Trail e-bikes are available with all the normal bells and whistles you’d find on your standard mountain bike. However, with the highly configurable powered assistance, you can navigate previously inaccessible terrain that was just too tricky to traverse by yourself, allowing you to explore more and push your limits.

For the Commute

What if you are not into cycling as a sport? If all you need is a reliable mode of transport for your everyday commute to work and back, e-bikes are a great option. Affordable, lightweight, and easy to use with no fuel costs, they are a fantastic mode of transport for many who cannot afford a vehicle or who just prefer it for the experience and fresh air. Electric bicycles provide wonderful utility for the commute by allowing the user to effortlessly pedal at their own pace. This makes hill climbs an absolute breeze and extends the range and speed of easy travels.

For the Adventure

Do you have a gnawing desire to explore the world at your own pace and with minimal travelling costs?

Saddle up and get ready for a new kind of adventure. E-bikes for the open road pave the way to faraway destinations. Now you can easily mount up all your gear and travel accessories, and reach destinations you never thought possible before with just a bicycle. The powered assistance over long distances means the difference between enjoyment and muscle cramps, and recharging your iron steed is as simple as plugging it into the wall at your overnight stay.

In it for the Long Ride

At PD Cycles, we are in it for the long ride, and what longer ride can be had than with one of our top-of-their-class e-bikes? Start your new adventure with us today.