Cycling Accessories & Cycling gear 

Cycling accessories are essential when deciding to purchase a new or second-hand bicycle. The range of cycling gear available is sometimes overwhelming for beginners. If you do ride regularly, whether to keep fit or for commuting, there are a number of cycling accessories that can make your time on two wheels easier, safer and more comfortable.

 Some cycling accessories are essential and others are nice to have. A bicycle lock is one of the essential cycling accessories if you are going to leave your bike on the street. Good locks are not cheap, but should be considered as an investment. Luggage is also an essential for carrying things on a bike. This cycling gear ranges from saddle bags for essential spares to racks for bigger bags. Saddle bags is a cycling accessory that attaches to your saddle and can be used to put spares or money in.  A small, compact rucksack is also a great cycling accessory as they are designed to fit snug and not be uncomfortable.

Front and rear lights should also be seen as essential cycling accessories when riding at night. The make you visible and also illuminate the road. Pumps, spares and tools is cycling gear you should always have on you. A multi-tool is practical and a spare inner tube or two in a small saddle bag is necessary when riding. A pump or CO2 inflator is also handy when you have a flat tyre.

Mudguards or fenders are a vital component of any everyday bike if you live somewhere with a wet climate. Few bikes come equipped with these cycling accessories but they are handy if you stay in wet climates. If you are riding long distance a bottle cage and bottle are essential cycling accessories. Helmets are nice to have cycling gear but essential if you are riding through rough terrain. Specialist bike clothing may look odd to newcomers, but are designed to be comfortable. Waterproof jackets is a cycling accessory to invest in if you are planning to ride on rainy days.  Good cycling shoes are also a stern investment and even though pricy at times it will make the peddling easier.