Core Marino - Practical and Proudly South African Outdoor Apparel

In 2011, BKB (an agricultural wool buyer and supplier in South Africa) noted that outdoor apparel mainly comprised of synthetic fibres. As they are specialists when it comes to wool, they also noted international growth in the merino wool clothing industry. With the knowledge that South Africa’s Merino wool is some of the best quality wool worldwide they then came up with a unique product – Core Merino.  

 Core Merino was developed by BKB-staff to fill a gap in the market. A high quality merino wool apparel brand was born.  Core Merino is focused on the outdoor individual’s need for clothes that offers comfort and that is practical.  

Merino wool is durable, long-lasting and renewable which makes it an excellent material to use for outdoor clothing and it is also good for the environment. From this modest beginning Core Merino has now grown to be a brand that is competing internationally, breaking the mould of wool clothing only being used as a base layer.  

Core Merino has many advantages including the fact that it is moisture wicking, quick drying, lightweight and super soft. It is also naturally anti-bacterial which makes it a non-stink exercise clothing item. This is a feature of the product that has been tested to the extreme by sceptics and proven true. Reviewers have thus come to the conclusion that a weeks’ worth of outdoor wear can be replaced by two Core Merino T-shirts as they do not need to be washed regularly.   

Core Merino thus prides itself on being Eco-friendly. The fact that they don’t need not be washed after every use means less water and detergent usage. Core Merino is also not petroleum based and natural which definitely makes it a greener, renewable product.   

Core Merino prides itself on being a proudly South African product that supplies all the great advantages of merino fabric at a great South African price point.  

The Core Merino range is also versatile as it is comfortable against the skin, yet also thermo-regulates (cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold). This makes it perfect for the colder Highveld temperatures. It is also natural at moisture wicking and is suitable for hiking or mountain bike riding. Core Merino has a wide range of long- and short sleeve T-shirts, leggings, half-zip and polo shirts and softshell jackets. Once you buy one item, you are sure to go back and replace other outdoor apparel items in your closet with Core Merino products.