Ciovita Bib shorts – comfortable and practical cycle wear.

When it comes to high performance cycle wear, the utmost top notch research has been done to develop the Ciovita Supremo Bib Shorts. Fit and fabrication technology has been innovatively worked into every stitch ensuring a quality and durable end result. 

A propriety multi-panel design made out of Italian Lycra stays in place whilst also providing flexibility and freedom of movement in the saddle. Advanced moisture wicking in the Ciovita Bib Shorts and APF Fabric Technology ensures that moisture and odours will be optimally controlled in extreme conditions.  

The Ciovita Bib extends towards the knee thanks to a broad gripper elastic. This is essential to maintain a good fit. The Ciovita Bib Shorts do not ride up in uncomfortable places because of the larger surface area. The chamois stays in the right place during your ride. The Ciovita Bib shorts unique Elastine elastic straps have a snapback quality which retains elasticity over time. Crossed straps prevent the straps from sliding off the shoulders and the front strap of the Ciovita Bib shorts has a special strip for storing your sunglasses.  

The Ciovita Bib shorts is also eye catching in all the right ways with two visibility marks on the back of each thigh. These strips ensure visibility in low light conditions for passing motorists. European suppliers have created a four-layer Chamois pad for the Supremo Bib. Comfortable but durable fabric with moisture and odour resistant qualities are a result. An added bonus is the softer feel of the fabric. The inner pads are shaped by the outer layers that are stitched into the Ciovita Bib shorts. 

Two distinct types of high tech foam ensure ample shock resistance and compression.  VitaFoam is extremely light and highly breathable and perforated foam cushions lighter vibrations. The Ciovita Bib Shorts foam-elements work together to ensure the most comfortable chamois possible. Working together each layer delivers something different, but ultimately works to create the most comfortable chamois ever. 

All in all, the Ciovita Bib shorts have been created and designed to ensure a comfortable bicycle ride.