Children’s Bicycles Have Come a Long Way

Long gone are the times where mountain biking and cycling are just activities for adults. Cycling has become a fun activity for the whole family. In an age of technology, it has become a challenge to engage children in healthy, fun activities that do not include a screen. Cycling is low impact, teaches independence and is a fun activity. It builds self confidence in kids and creates the opportunity for parents and kids to spend quality time together outdoors.

Children’s bicycles are now modern and up to date and ensure a child has fun while also exercising and relieving stress in a healthy way. Socializing skills are also enhanced especially when children cycle as part of a group. Teaching kids to ride a bicycle is actually the easy part. It can be a bigger challenge to find them a suitable children’s bike. Positive early experiences with a children’s bike can have a huge effect on children long term. The world of children’s bikes has been turned upside down in the past decade. Small bikes now include children’s bikes with suspension forks and disc brakes.

Riding a bicycle has become easier to learn, more fun and safer. When picking children’s bikes, these key features should be considered. Size and fit is extremely important when it comes to children’s bikes. It is important to check the size guide of every brand of children’s bikes that is considered.

Children grow fast and therefore it can be tempting to buy a bicycle that is too large. This can take the fun out of the process for a beginner.  The weight of the bicycle should also be considered when it comes to kids. Cycling helmets and other safety gear is important when buying a children’s bicycle.  Consider a children’s bicycle for your child today and make an individual activity a family activity.