Boerboel Wear - Versatile Every day Huting Clothing

Boerboel wear is a proudly South African brand of clothing inspired by the characteristics of a South African dog breed – the Boerboel. Reliability and intelligence was thus key when the brand was designed and developed on South African soil.  

Not only is Boerboel wear a well-known brand in the hunting market, it has also become an everyday clothing item for many people after they added the Kalahari rangeBoerboel is uniquely designed to fit men and women and even has a range for the little hunters in the family. The durable material that most of Boerboel wear’s clothing is made out of dries fast. A new addition is the adjustable belt to their Kalahari pants range. This ensures that the pants still fit after skipping a hunting season even if you gain a few kilo’s. Comfortability is also the word many use to describe Boerboel wear in reviews. The Parka jacket is lightweight and warm perfect for the South African climate and available in a range of colours. The jacket boasts with two features that are practical for the South African man. First of all, it has many pockets and secondly a double zip feature has been added. This means the jacket can be unzipped from the bottom if you need to access your pants pocket.  

Boerboel wear listens to the needs of their clients and are always changing and adding to their ranges.  

Boerboel has a range of quality clothing for all outdoor lovers. There is a Camo range that incorporates high-tech fabric and natural patterns that blend perfectly with hunting landscapes. Merging with nature is easy by wearing Boerboel wear and the clothing is also comfortable and not constricting when moving around in a hunting environment. Sublimation printing is used which creates and in depth camo pattern. The Camo range is also fade resistant and can last many years. The range includes lady’s tights, Parka Shell Jackets, men’s combat pants, fleece tech tops, Camo Parka jackets and performance tops.  

The Kalahari range includes everyday wear, but can also be used for hunting. The range includes more details like metal buttons and epaulets that give them a rugged yet stylish look. The seams are finished with topstitched detail that contributes to strength. Bending and leaning will not lead to embarrassment when wearing these items as a triple stich ensures no tearing. The Boerboel wear two-tone shirts in this range include subtle colour combinations that will suit anybody’s taste. The Kalahari range includes adjustable cargo pants, P.T shorts, adjustable shorts, DKW shorts, Ladies skirts, Ladies shorts and men’s shirts.  

Boerboel wear also offers a wide range of masks, T-shirts, headwear, footwear and kids clotting.  

A trustworthy and durable clothing brand that stand true to its namesake is what will ensure that Boerboel wear will be a brand to remember in outdoor wear.