Bike Spares and Parts in Ermelo

PD Cycles is a one stop bike spares and parts shop in Ermelo, Mpumalanga. Bicycles are one of the most popular and oldest modes of transportation in the world. Even today there are millions of people around the world who use cycles to travel. Bikes have different components though not as complicated as cars. The different spares and parts of a bicycle are interchangeable and replaceable.

PD Cycles sells a wide range of bike spares and parts in Ermelo. The wheel set of a bicycle can be changed to suit the needs of the cyclist. Certain parts of the wheel can also be replaced if worn out or broken. This includes the rim, hub, wire tension spokes and the axle. The rubber tube may also need to be replaced. Check the thread and tube regularly to ensure that your tires are still functioning optimally.

PD Cycles sells all of these bike parts in Ermelo. Brakes are also essential to a bicycle. It is vital to replace brakes if they get worn through for the safety of the rider. Whether it is disc brakes, drum brakes or rim brakes, PD Cycles can supply brake spares and parts in Ermelo. Check your brakes regularly for wear and tear.

The cycle chain transfers power to the pedals and also needs to be checked regularly. The chain is arguably the bike’s weakest and its most important component. This is the bike spare that usually breaks and needs to be replaced. Chains should be checked regularly for rust, stiff links and stretch. Pedals are also available at PD Cycles and can be adjusted to fit the need of the bicycle rider.

All cables and wires should also be checked and replaced if necessary. Other parts that are adjustable and supplied by PD Cycles Ermelo is handlebars, lights, reflectors, ball bearings and cogs. Top quality bike spares and parts in a wide range of brands are available in Ermelo at PD Cycles. It is important that a rider regularly check their bicycle parts and replace them if necessary.