6 Reasons to Invest in Your Cycling Adventure with Our Bicycle Shop

There is a good reason why everyone from toddlers pedalling on tricycles to top Gran Fondo cyclists enjoy cycling – it is fun and challenging. A marvellous form of cardio, cycling offers the freedom of the open road (or mountain trail, depending upon your fancy) and allows one to continually push for better performance. It is a thrill to race speedily down a street and zoom past the scenery, and it is also quite satisfying to feel the burn in your thighs as you toil uphill.

Whether you are an amateur or an experienced cyclist, partnering with the right bicycle shop ensures that you quickly refine your skill through access to the best products for your budget. Here are six reasons why we at PD Cycles are your go-to hub for all things cycling.

  1. We Are Home to a Vast Assortment of Brands

Here at PD Cycles, we are home to some of the best brands in the industry (rated both locally and internationally). These brands are carefully selected to offer you, the discerning customer, a choice between products that match your requirements when it comes to quality and affordability. Our line of available brands includes:

  • Avalanche
  • Apex
  • Axis
  • Merida
  • Scott
  • Shimano
  • Signal
  • Silverback
  • Titan
  1. You Are Spoilt for Choice When it Comes to Bikes

Not every cyclist has the same needs. Some enjoy the effortless ride offered by electric bikes, others love the adrenaline rush of stunt riding. At our bicycle shop, you will find plenty from which to choose when it comes to bikes. We are home to BMX and stunt bikes, gravel/off-road bikes, electric bikes, fat bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and a range of balancing bicycles for kids. Whether you are looking for a specific size, colour, or type of bicycle, simply pop into our shop and we will assist you.

  1. Need Accessories? We Stock Plenty

Once you start understanding the mechanics behind cycling, it is almost impossible to stop yourself from decking out your two-wheeler with the latest and greatest accessories. Customising your ride with all those extra trimmings not only gives you a few performance gains, but you will attain the bragging rights attached to these top-quality accessories too. Our shop stocks products for bike care, tools, parts, and tyres, and groupsets for anyone seeking to up their riding success.

  1. Get Your Clothing and Shoes from Us

What you wear as a cyclist is not just about how great you look, but also how great you feel. While working up a sweat, coasting down that hill, or qualifying in a race, you require the ultimate in comfortable clothing and gear. Our stylish and specialised array of clothing features helmets, socks, gloves, and shoes.

  1. Enjoy Top-Notch Services

Our comprehensive range of bike servicing options means that you always have friendly assistance available when it comes to bike maintenance and care. We offer affordable minor and major services, as well as separate services, such as bleeding your breaks, setting your gears, or even washing your bike. Booking for our services is easy too, as all it requires is filling in a form online.

  1. Now You Can Shop for a Bicycle Online

If you do not have the time to visit our bicycle shop instore, you can just as easily order your desired products online. Our deliveries are fast and reliable, and we offer free delivery on all orders exceeding R1 800. We also have financing options available for cyclists seeking the bike of their dreams.

For specialised expertise and a wide line of available products, let our bicycle shop be your one-stop outlet.