3 Reasons We are a Proud Stockist of Silverback Mountain Bikes for Sale

Partnering with the right bicycle shop means that you are privy to excellent advice, state-of-the-art models from the best brands, and all the accessories you need to get you started. Here at PD Cycles, our aim is to provide all three for our customers, whether they are novice riders or professionals seeking to up their game. Because of our commitment to only the best quality when it comes to our products, we carefully select each model based on what our South African market favours most. One brand that has made a splash in recent years is Silverback, and their mountain bikes for sale are popular with our customers for a number of reasons. If you would like to know why we proudly promote this world-class brand, and why investing in one of our Silverback mountain bikes for sale is a great idea, keep reading.

  1. They Are Enjoyed Worldwide

With his expertise in the cycling industry dating back to 1987, it was Deon Retief who first established the Silverback brand in 2004. The brand’s head office is located in Stuttgart, Germany, and it is home to some of the best companies in design engineering, like Mercedes and Porsche. Their “One Man, One Bike, One Masterpiece” philosophy powers their assembly line, with a single mechanical artisan working on one two-wheeler with the greatest of care. The frame design is also of the utmost importance to them, and utilising technologies such as SolidWorks and Linkage means their facility has the capabilities to design some of the industry’s top, cutting-edge bicycles.

Their mountain bikes for sale are particularly popular across the globe with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. It is no surprise, then, that Silverback has products for sale in over 500 stores worldwide and extends their presence to 49 countries (227 in Europe alone), South Africa included. South African terrain is especially challenging to cover when it comes to mountain biking, and Silverback bikes are a preferred choice due to their lightweight durability.

  1. The Brand Boasts an Extensive Range

When seeking mountain bikes for sale, you need something that is going to meet your needs across the spectrum – from pricing to performance. One philosophy upon which the Silverback name relies is the BIC (Best in Class) Metric. This means that they make special effort to develop the best possible machine that provides top-performing technology at a consumer-friendly price. Within these metrics are the design specifications of the frames, model weight, finishing and aesthetics, and overall quality of each component. No matter which price range you fall into as a cyclist, the brand has utilised a formula that enables them to keep costs down. Entry-level and higher-end mountain bikes for sale are therefore some of the best within their category.

  1. Innovative Technology Drives Their Manufacturing Process

A company that places emphasis on continual improvement and innovation is sure to bring superb products for years to come, and this is precisely the case with Silverback. The brand has invested in fantastic technologies such as a Rapid Prototyping Programme that includes an advanced 3D printer. Components are thus easier to design and test before manufacturing.Playing with specifications means that performance can be fine-tuned to excellence. Design and development are sped up, which hav paved the way for the company’s enormous growth thus far.

Whether you are seeking Silverback mountain bikes for sale for yourself, your kids, or that upcoming race, PD Cycles has got you covered with a wide range. Send us a message for any questions, pop in for a test ride, or simply order your desired model online – it’s all up to you.